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Steins;Gate 0 Site Unveiled

Written by Abby Fucker on Feb 11, 2018
steinsgay zeroThe website for the latest upcoming sequel, Steins;Gate 0, commenced a 4-day countdown with a Divergence Meter in their site at February 1st. Everyone in the community speculated that they'd be releasing a new trailer, visual, cast, pachinko, etc. for the sequel. Turns…

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet— Coming This February 23rd

Written by Abby Fucker on Feb 09, 2018
SAO FBSword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is the new installment of the franchise, and it isn’t certainly the first SAO game but can be clearly seen as the best one yet. If you weren’t aware, SAO had released a couple of games in consoles, PCs, and mobile games. Most of the games aren’t non-canon to the…

One Punch Man Season 2

Written by nox7 on Nov 12, 2017
One Punch Man Season 2One Punch Man is a popular anime - and by no means is that a stretch. The common consensus is that a show or story about an OP (over-powered, for some of you...) character could never be an entertaining piece. This anime, adapted from its manga, has proven such critics to be nothing but wasteful in thei…