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This anime is a story about two brothers on a journey to get their original bodies back after a failed attempt to resurrect their dead mother, Edward lost his arm and leg while alphonse lost his whole body. They are set on finding a item called a philosopher's stone this stone bypasses alchemy’s l
MY FAVORITE ANIME MOVIE. Because of the plot twists, It's a very good anime movie and some say the best anime movie, there is a website called 'MyAnimeList' and the website tells us that a lot of people like this movie and is ranked number one in the film category. IDK what else to say other than th
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Seven Deadly Sins, or SDS for short, is one of those series you will always find in "Top 10 Fantasy Anime". It is of no surprise, as the anime truly is great especially for those who are beginning to watch anime and of the like. However, if you are an experienced anime viewer, then this might be vie
Actually, despite the misleading title and first episode, is well really thought out, and throughout the show, it gives off this atmosphere that there's more going on than just the light-hearted comedy with sometimes-incestful nuances. also, the artwork is fairly average. And as to show my gratitude
10-mins per episode without the opening and closing track. Plot and character development is smooth. MC and his girlfriend has great back story. The villain is a bit bland at times but still annoying which is great. Breaks the 4th wall from time to time, MC complains to the author. 10-mins per episo