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it a very good anime well i think it a anime about people who are born with a superpower called a quirk the main person is named Izuku Midoriya he was quirkless (born with no quirk) but then he met his senpei all might (number one hero) and he found out all might has a quirk that can be pass down an
Honestly one of my favorites. It had just the right amount of cuteness, romance, and bromance ;). It made me laugh in the right times, and left me with severe aching in my heart after everyone went their own way. I don't like anime's that say goodbye because then it opens a wound of sadness in this
Well this anime was something. I myself truly enjoyed it although that is just my opinion. This anime is about the afterlife where a few students made the ''Afterlife Battle front''. To battle against Angel they think she can contact god and get them out of the afterlife so that they can move on. we
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, otherwise known as Your Lie in April, is a wonderful series that takes several turns and separates itself from other anime through a more direct, straight-forward approach to things. Let's not waste time anymore, time to rate this piece by piece. Plot - [8.5/10] - As I said
I remember when this show first came out a few seasons back. It was unfortunate that it came out in an off season when people were already burnt out on the MMORPG genera of anime due to shows like SAO and Log Horizon. I also seem to remember that Overlord was not licensed for simulcast by any major