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Memories Off 3.5

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English Title:
Other Names: MOFF3.5
Production Type: OVA
Origination: Visual novel
Air Span: May 12, 2004 to Oct 20, 2004
Air Status: Finished Airing
Premiered: Unknown,
Episode Duration (Avg): 27 min. per ep.
# Episodes: 4
TV Rating: PG-13
Genres: Romance, Drama


This series is made up of two seperate stories with a few overlapping characters. The first story, Omoide no Kanata e, is about Shogo and his current girlfriend Neo. Kanata, a former girlfriend of Shogo's shows up one day and causes Shogo and Neo to think about their current situations. The second story, Inori no Todoku Koro, is about girl called Inori and her boyfriend Isshu. They had made a promise to always go to the fireworks festival together, since that was the place that they orginally became a couple. This year, Isshu says he cannot attend because of his work so Inori goes alone and recalls the previous two years.

(Source: ANN)

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