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Di Gi Charat

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English Title:
Other Names: DiGi Charat
Production Type: TV
Origination: Original
Air Span: Nov 30, 1999 to Dec 24, 1999
Air Status: Finished Airing
Premiered: Fall, 1999
Episode Duration (Avg): 4 min. per ep.
# Episodes: 16
TV Rating: G
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi


Di Gi Charat is a series of shorts created as advertisements for "Digital Gamers", a store in Akihabara. The series follows Dejiko, princess of Di Gi Charat planet, and her companions, Puchiko and Gema, as well as Dejiko's rival, Rabi~en~Rose through daily ordeals they encounter while working at Gamers.
Princess Di Gi Charat came from the planet Di Gi Charat given only a cat cap and an outfit to disguise herself. Unfortunately she came with no money, only her guardian Gema and friend Petite Charat. Luckily the three stumbled upon a manager of the store Gamers, who offered them a home if they worked at the store. However Di Gi Charat is a selfish young girl who wishes of becoming a star.

(Source: ANN)

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