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English Title: Fighting Spirit
Other Names: The First Step, Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting
Production Type: TV
Origination: Manga
Air Span: Oct 4, 2000 to Mar 27, 2002
Air Status: Finished Airing
Premiered: Fall, 2000
Episode Duration (Avg): 23 min. per ep.
# Episodes: 75
TV Rating: PG-13
Genres: Comedy, Sports, Drama, Shounen


Makunouchi Ippo has been bullied his entire life. Constantly running errands and being beaten up by his classmates, Ippo has always dreamed of changing himself, but never has the passion to act upon it. One day, in the midst of yet another bullying, Ippo is saved by Takamura Mamoru, who happens to be a boxer. Ippo faints from his injuries and is brought to the Kamogawa boxing gym to recover. As he regains consciousness, he is awed and amazed at his new surroundings in the gym, though lacks confidence to attempt anything. Takamura places a photo of Ippo's classmate on a punching bag and forces him to punch it. It is only then that Ippo feels something stir inside him and eventually asks Takamura to train him in boxing. Thinking that Ippo does not have what it takes, Takamura gives him a task deemed impossible and gives him a one week time limit. With a sudden desire to get stronger, for himself and his hard working mother, Ippo trains relentlessly to accomplish the task within the time limit. Thus Ippo's journey to the top of the boxing world begins.

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February 02, 2018
AaMC Rating StarAaMC Rating StarAaMC Rating StarAaMC Rating StarAaMC Rating StarAaMC Rating StarAaMC Rating StarAaMC Rating StarAaMC Rating StarAaMC Rating Star
Hajime no Ippo. How can I explain this anime... it's either the best thing you're going to watch, or one of the worst things. It really depends on yourself to see how this show goes out, even with the influence of my review. You can try out the anime, but I cannot guarantee satisfaction. This, alongside other old sports anime, was one of the driving factors behind making the "OP character that nobody can beat in Sports" kind of anime. This influenced Kuroko no Basket, Yowamushi, Free!, you name it. That is why I gave that warning at the beginning. I know people hate these type of anime. I know not a lot enjoy sports in general. But I made sure you can know whatever you want to know, very easily, through this review. So... let's start! Plot [8.5/10]: Nothing unique really. It's your typical sports anime plot: MC finds out he has talents -> goes training -> finds rival in club -> trains harder -> wins freshman test or any beginner's tournament -> trains even harder -> finds more worthy opponents -> etc. What is interesting to note though, is that we also follow the plot of other characters. Not just Ippo. Characters [10/10]: The 2nd 10/10 I gave, the first one for Characters. And it fully deserves this. Every character is SO unique, I cannot even explain it. Each character's personality also fits their boxing style, which is insanely perplexing. Even the unimportant side characters have their own personalities, and they also show up regularly in the show even if they were defeated. I have yet to find an anime as deep and rich into its characters as Hajime no Ippo is. Art & Animations [9/10]: For its time, they sure did a very good job with the animations. Art might not stick to everyone, but it does display everyone's emotions and personality much better than what I've seen. I also love the smoke that just appears in fights randomly. Story [8.5/10]: Solid story. Music and Sounds [9/10]: The music in this anime is wonderful. It's ecstatic. When you hear it, you get hyped up so much you can't contain your expressions. You smile, you wait patiently, for Ippo to do his stuff. I also like the jet sounds Ippo releases from his roll. So yeah, that's exactly a 9/10 for me. Even though the plot is the same like all other sports anime, its story hangs on to it and makes it interesting for the 70 episodes it has. The music makes me want to box, the characters make me want to burst out laughing and also make me excited for their own matches, and the anime makes me satisfied in almost all ways possible. Thank you for reading!

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